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Roof Painters Canberra


Roof Painters Canberra

Painting your roof can really change the overall aesthetic of your home, giving it a whole new look and some fresh curb appeal. Your roof is the part of your house that soaks up the most sunlight, so to repaint and regenerate will be notably more vibrant. The improved looks will be undeniable, however it is of course more beneficial than simply the appearance, given the right professional attention. A well painted and cared for roof can last longer than one that is left exposed to the elements, for all of its lifetime. If you want to improve the style and quality of your roofing, you should consider roof painting.

The process needed to paint your roof will be different depending on your budget, roof type and overall desire. Generally speaking, tiled roofs are more common place however your roof may be made of corrugated metal. Depending on which, your roof will be cleaned appropriately before a choice of oil-based or water-based paint is used with the right colour and finish selected. This will then seal the top layer of your roof, making it stronger against weather conditions and longer lasting. It takes meticulous attention to detail to properly achieve an outcome that is true to your wish and that is made to function and last.

Cleaning and Greasing
Your roof is at the forefront of the might of the elements, constantly absorbing the suns rays, protecting you from the rain and occasionally collecting snow. Its inevitable that your roof is going to degrade over time, it is then that lichens and mosses begin to thrive and establish themselves. Before paint can be applied, any impurities need to be cleaned away to give the surface the ability to consistently hold onto a coat of paint. On the other hand, if your roof is made of a corrugated metal, then a different method, known as greasing is applied. The roof is both cleaned and coated with a grease that help maintain it from things such as acid rain and UV light. Our dedicated team will always prepare your roof so that the absolute best quality outcome can be achieved, with no signs of degradation.

Curb Appeal
When getting your roof painted, you know the colour is going to be fresher and brighter; after the elements have likely taken a toll on your roof prior to our help. Getting your roof rejuvenated can add some serious curb appeal to your property, as a subsequent. Roof painting is a very affordable way to do this compared to having to pay for a whole new roof. At the same time, you will still see the increased value on your home. Our experts always pay the closest attention to detail, completing every job with precision and technique, delivering an attractive and quality finish.

Cool and Dark Roofing
Depending on the variant of paint used, we can develop roofing known as cool or dark. Using a reflective and light-coloured paint, your house will absorb less sunlight and therefore be cooler when its hot. Alternately, using a dark coloured paint will absorb more sunlight, which can be extremely beneficial in the winter months. With both, when the colour is working effectively, you can save money on your energy bill; needing less power for either your heating or your air conditioning, respectively.

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