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Deck Painters Canberra

painting of deck in australia

Deck Painters Canberra

Deck painting is how to breathe new life into your tired looking decking, outside. Over time, and especially given the seasonal weather in Canberra, your deck can succumb the elements. The paint or staining will begin to fade, revealing an unprotected wooden surface that will begin to noticeably degrade. Not only is it unsightly but the wood will start to fracture and splinter, and that is never comfortable for any summer barbeque. Employ the help of practiced experts to effectively regenerate your decking and help to ensure its longevity and appearance.

Deck Painting
For the most long-lasting and customisable option, deck painting is the best choice for giving your decking a healthier look. Paint has far greater length of life so this can be a great choice if you’re looking for such an option. Furthermore, there are a wide range of colours to choose from, something not possible with staining. For a brighter and more modern look, deck painting could be the best option for you. Applying paint to wood needs a precise method and number of agents, it is always best to seek the help of professionals.

Deck Staining
An alternative to deck painting would be the more traditional, and truer to wooden look, deck staining. Where deck painting fills the wood with a more viscous material and smooth finish, deck staining takes on the natural charm of the wood, highlighting its cracks and scars. It very much brightens the look of the grain and keeps it looking fresh, whilst appearing classical and rustic. If you want to highlight the more native look of the wood then deck staining is a fantastic option. One of our experts undoubtably will know how to approach your decking and achieve the aesthetic that you want, through carefully combining the correct agents in our fine arsenal.

Maintenance and Cleaning
To prepare the surface of the deck, ready for whichever style of coating you choose, we may have to clean and service the wood. If any mosses or lichens have established themselves, for example, then it is important to sufficiently clean these first. Our dedicated team will take care of this, and any similar cleaning needed, before sanding the wood appropriately. This will better prepare the surface for priming, and the remainder of the process, to deliver the desired outcome.

With both painting and staining, you ensure and improve the longevity of your decking. It is of paramount importance to do so, to maintain the health of the wood. Mould and mildew will not be able to establish themselves if the wood has been properly sealed; and the same can be said with mosses and lichens. This means the likelihood of the wood rotting is decreased significantly. Deck painting, generally speaking, will last longer than deck staining however is the more costly of the two options so you should consider which will look the better of the two options and which one you want to maintain over a period of time. Regardless, you can count on Painters Canberra to know how to properly implement your desired outcome. We also offer roof painting service.

So if your deck or outdoor area needs a fresh coat of paint, give us a call now on 0488 854 814 for a free quote.