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3 Great Reasons To Paint Your House This Summer

3 Great Reasons To Paint Your House This Summer 

With the Canberra summer well and truly upon us now is a fantastic time to consider painting or repainting your home. Whilst the kids may be home and you’ve got some extra time up your sleeve, the summer warmth and heat will also help the paint to dry much faster than it would during winter meaning you can move back in sooner and minimise the disruption.

So what are you waiting for? Take advantage of the heat and get your house painted. Still not convinced? Read on to discover 3 great reasons to paint your home this summer.

1 – It Will Protect Your Home From The Weather
Whilst paint may look fantastic and allow you to choose how your house, wall and roof may look, its important to remember that it also has the practical benefit of protecting your surfaces from the elements, the rain, the heat, sunlight, frost and whatever else mother nature throws your way. Painting these surfaces every so often will prolong the life of your house and can also prevent materials such as wood from rotting prematurely as well.

2 – It Will Give It A Whole New Look And Feel
Whether your house may be due for a paint or not is entirely up to you, however if you’re getting a bit bored with it, if its feeling a bit rundown or a bit drab or you just feel like a change, a fresh coat of paint can make a huge impact for a small price. You may want to try a completely different colour scheme (inside, outside or both) that you never would have considered before, and this will without a doubt give your house an entirely different look, feel and vibe. Pro Painters Canberra can also offer colour consultations and provide you some options that might work for you, it will literally be like moving into a new house!

3 – It Will Increase Its Value
The Canberra housing market has done well over the years, and what better way to further boost your house price than by giving it a fresh coat of paint. Painting your house is by far the cheapest, easiest way to boost the value of your property before auction, it will make your house look and feel much newer than it might be, and cover up any signs of aging or damage that might better potential buyers. Choose some new and exciting colours to help it stand out in a good way and watch the bids go higher and higher come auction day!

So what are you waiting for, the summer weather won’t last forever and we’ll be in a cool, dreary and possibly wet autumn before we know it! (which means paint takes much longer to dry, and is nowhere near as exciting to watch!) Freshen up your home and finally get this painting project done and dusted, if you’re ready to take the first step in painting your Canberra home (or business), reach out to Pro Painters Canberra for your no obligation free quote!

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