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So you've decided to finally get a move on with that painting project you've been putting off for a while now, good for you! As inconvenient as it might be to get your house or business painted it's one of those things that you can only put off for so long until it just needs to be done. If you're looking for a reputable designer in Canberra you've come to the right place!

We know that you've got a busy life and that the whole painting process can cause a lot of inconvenience and a lot of stress so we place a lot of focus on customer experience and ensure that our painting teams turn up on time and ready to go on the day of your booking, and that they work quick and efficiently without cutting corners. This ensures that the job is done on time (or early) meaning you can get on with your life sooner. We look after our customers well which is why we consider ourselves the #1 painter in Canberra.

About Us
We're made up of a professional team of experienced and skilled tradesmen who take pride in their job and ensure that each project is always finished to a high standard and the work site left in an impeccable state.

We value the safety of our staff and customers above all else as well as ensuring that customers are given the highest level of service (we make our appointments on time and if we cant we'll call you and explain why, we respect your house or property and treat it as our own and our team are friendly, helpful and honest) and that each painting project is done to a high standard.

We're able to do both commercial and house painting, from small jobs right up to extra large ones, we've got the experience, the skills and the equipment to handle anything!


    Finding The Right Painting Contractor

    Our Services

    We take pride in knowing that we deliver the best and most professional service in Canberra. We work to deliver projects for a many number of needs, including residential, commercial and strata  services. A credit to our expert team of skilled contractors, who are professionally trained in such a wide variety of areas. Whether you’re someone who’s looking to add some colour to their business location or just needing to revitalise your living room, you can count on us to know exactly how to find the quality you’re looking for. We are always open to taking on any new clients, who need our help, and we’re grateful for every returning customer that we get to see again.

    What makes us a great choice?
    - Experienced. Our team have many years of painting experience behind them, they've seen the good the bad and the ugly and know all the little tips and tricks that will make your house or property look fantastic.
    - Affordable. We're not cheap to hire, no professional is cheap and you will get exactly what you pay for. In saying that we offer fair and reasonable prices and we work quickly without cutting corners, which means we finish sooner and can afford to give you a better price.
    - A Friendly Team. We know what some tradespeople can be like and they give our profession a bad name. They can be rude, obnoxious, loud, and inconsiderate. Good thing is our team is the opposite and we're all quite humble, friendly and tend to get along with most people.

    We make sure we work with only the finest equipment (pigments, thinners, oils, & paints) and the best paint brands including Dulux, Wattly, British Paints, Taubmans, Porter's & White Knight). Our process generally involves first preparing the surface to be painted, which can include wallpaper removal, caulking, sanding, plaster, skirting board or frame repair, stain removal, patching, filling any screw or nail holes with putty, and taping the areas that we want kept free of paint. Once these steps are taking the area is generally ready to be painted.


    House Painting

    Your home is something you take pride in, many key aspects of every one of our lives take place there. It is therefore important to make sure that our homes reciprocate that in appearance. House  is the best way to add brightness and vibrance to any room. Of course, you could always use your DIY skills but by seeking a professional quality of work, which we can guarantee, you can relax with peace mind knowing that you’re receiving an outstanding looking job and its longevity too. Our team are the finest house painters in the Australian Capital Territory, consistently delivering personal service and taking pride in each given task. A fresh coat of Dulux Or Wattyl will give your house a brand new feel to it, it will look great and will also increase its value.


    Commercial Painting

    This can include all sorts of commercial businesses and buildings including offices, restaurants, shopping centers, doctors rooms, schools, hospital, libraries and more. There are a few huge benefits to getting your business premises repainted, and a major one is that it provides a more uplifting and modern vibe for both your customers and your employees, which means people enjoy being in your business and the company image is elevated, resulting in customers becoming repeat customers and employees enjoying their workplace more resulting in a lower staff turnover for you. As the ACT's top interior design company we can deliver on your needs, applying commercial standard expertise and meticulous work, to achieve the level that will lift your business for a great price in a great time frame.


    Strata Painting

    Strata maintenance is like commercial but at a much bigger level, it will usually involve painting large scale building exteriors. It can be a great option for your business, often key to the aesthetic appeal for potential clients and customers. Whether it’s an apartment block, store exterior or local school, every job deserves proper care and detail. For a city like Canberra, every building is deserving of looking smart and bright.

    The Best Painter In Canberra

    “I needed my living room repainted from top to bottom and I needed a quality job. I gave it a go myself but the coating looked inconsistent. Now that PPC have sorted it out, it looks clean, sleek and bright! Professional job and brilliant work, thanks again guys!” – Brett V


    “When I needed the front of my restaurant redone, Alex and his team were the ones I called. My friend told me about the standard of their strata painting and they lived up to every expectation; my shops never looked better and my customers let me know! Really grateful!” – Evie S


    “My backyard deck had been pretty worn down for a while so I finally decided to have it freshened up, the guys came over and did a really good job. Not only does the decking now look fresh and clean, they also told me exactly how to keep it well maintained so it looks better for longer, amazing service! Thank you all so much, will definitely be hearing from me again!” – Nichola W


    Deck Painting

    Living in Canberra means living with the ever-changing weather, if you have timber decking in your garden that can mean seasonal deterioration and a real loss of charm. Keeping your deck well maintained, with a fresh layer of paint or stain, will not only ensure your decking looks the part for barbeque season but can also positively affect the value of your home. By employing the help of a team of deck professionals, as well as using quality decking paints your deck will find a new lease of life and can really smarten up your garden.


    Roof Painting

    Not only is looking after your roof important work for the overall aesthetics of your home but also for the protection and cover. It is absolutely necessary for you to ensure that it is carried out with the proper care and uses quality water based acrylic paint; your roof needs to endure all types of weather conditions head on. Therefore, you need to make sure you’re choosing the very best quality with guaranteed longevity, something that is a given for us.


    Colour Consultation

    Sometimes the colour on the packet doesn’t turn out to be what you thought, when on your walls. It’s important to find the right match prior to beginning the project, so you’re not disappointed. We will gladly offer a colour consultation to all of our clients, to make sure every job turns out exactly as you want and this is why we're a skilled team of tradespeople you can rely on. Our friendly team of professionals will gladly listen and help you to decide how to achieve the best option for you, always with the greatest attention to detail.


    Contact Us Today

    Looking to freshen up your home or business with a fresh coat? We’re always ready to offer our services to every Canberra resident. If you’re interested in learning any more about any one of our services, looking for quotation information or booking an appointment with us, then feel free to call us on the number provided.

    One of our dedicated and friendly customer service team will be on hand to assist in any way that they can. If you’re calling outside of our operating hours then send us a message with the instant contact box on our website and we will respond at the first available instance.

    So if you're ready to go, give us a call today!